Thursday 22nd June 2017 9.30am to 4.30pm JET Training Rooms, Kensington Place

Masterclass; Event and Community Fundraising - This fun and interactive workshop will show you how to organise and run a successful community and fundraising event, giving you a strategic framework to work from – be it a large scale mass participation event, or a smaller scale community event.
You will find out about how to ensure your fundraising events and community activities raise as much income and awareness as possible for your cause. It will also introduce you to the basic principles of marketing and will help you to explore the most cost effective and free off and online marketing and promotion opportunities for your organisation.
You will also discover what marketing tools will be the most appropriate for your organisation, gain an insight into effective sales techniques, understand why people ‘buy into your cause’ and how you can increase your brand identity and build customer loyalty through your community and fundraising events.
We will cover:
 Identifying the right event and community activity for your purposes
 Make your events and activities stand out from the crowd
 The importance of defining your target audience
 Gathering data for successful future events
 Developing additional income streams at your events
 How to recognise, record and reduce the risks
 Budget planning and attracting sponsorship - to keep costs to a minimum
 How to source Gifts in kind, reduce costs and maximising income from your events
Participants will be encouraged to share ideas and learn from one another’s experiences, with the emphasis of the day being on generating creative marketing and fundraising ideas that you can take back into your workplace.

This is a full day workshop and includes lunch. There is a £25 charge, which should be paid at the time of booking. Please also advise of any special dietry requirements when booking.

With Jane Galloway of Arclight Solutions

Please contact the administrator to book your place