Grants are considered at quarterly meetings of the Committtee.

Awarded 13/09/2016

Awarded Detail
£5,000 Friends of St Thomas Church to refurbish toilets
£30,000 St John Ambulance towards a new ambulance
£4,486 Jersey Heritage for a WW11 poster for schools
£23,114 Durrell to refurbish the classroom
£22,760 Les Amis for a recycling van and on-costs
£15,000 Jersey MS Therapy Centre to rebrand
£3,750 Le Congres to produce a second Jerriaise CD
£28,800 Brigher Futures to help 8 families Journey into Wellbeing
£12,715 National Trust for Jersey replacemnt fencing for sheep
£19,576 Centre Point Trust to refurbish Le Hurel playground
£30,000 Maison des Landes to refurbish the dining room










Awarded 07/06/2016

Awarded Detail
£30,000 Jersey Youth Trust for senior youth worker salary
£30,000 Community Savings Ltd towards office costs
£29,766 Jersey Child Care Trust website revamp & salary
£30,000 Caring Cooks of Jersey for two salaries
£25,849 The Aspire Charitable Trust to install a lift
£17,323 Silkworth Lodge refurbishment of home
£15,000 Love Matters part funding towards running costs
£13,404 Jersey Heritage Trust to publish a book
£10,230 Caesarea Association to replace lift
£10,000 Le Marais Summer Fete to refurbish Le Marais gardens
£9,000 JAAR part funding for counsellor’s salary
£3,000 Pain Support Jersey for room rental for one year
£14,986 Sanctuary Trust for new water tanks & refurbishment work


Awarded 08/03/2016
Awarded            Detail
£26,300              Love Thy Neighbour, salary and laptop
£6,614               Jersey Seasearch, training equipment & camera equipment
£11,300              National Trust for Jersey, replacement tools and equipment
£10,000              Jersey Heritage Trust, refurbish Mont Orgueil playground
£20,300              Music in Action, educational workshops & admin salary
£13,457              Relate Jersey, training & supervision of counsellor
£30,000              Les Amis, refurbishment of Maison Allo
£25,640              Street Pastors Jersey, salary and training

Awarded 08/12/2015
Awarded           Detail
£700                   National Ankylosing Spondylitis Jersey/Physiotherapist costs
£1,000               George V Residents Association/Coach trips and catering
£30,000             Family Nursing & Home Care/Tablets for nursing/caring staff
£30,000             NSPCC/Baby Steps Project
£4,734.50          BeachAbility/Seasonal co-ordinator salary
£30,000             Silkworth Lodge/Community Day Programme Manager salary
£2,000               Triumph Over Phobia/For books and room hire
£12,480             SMILE Jersey/Administrator salary
£30,000             Durrell/Refurb of Tamarin Accommodation
£1,000               Convent Court Community Room/12 Laptops
£20,571.42        La Moye School PTA/Artificial Grass and an oven
£30,000             Autism Jersey/Office Manager salary
£30,000             Freedom Church/Youth Team salaries
£11,000             Caring Cooks of Jersey/CEO Salary
£30,000             Freedom for Life Ministries/Replacement windows

Awarded 08/09/2015

Awarded          Detail
£4,350              SMILE Jersey for rebranding/website/room hire
£30,000            Jersey Mencap towards the manager's salary
£27,500            Greyhound Rescue for a Jersey replacement van
£30,000            Maison des Landes to continue the refurbishment of the hotel
£15,000            Age Concern Jersey for rebranding
£30,000            Le Congres for a replacement teacher's salary
£11,700            Super Smiles for an educator and literature
£18,834.63       Jersey Hospice Care for Website update/heated trolly/shower chair


Awarded 09/06/2015
Awarded          Detail
£14,194.50        Friends of Samares School Half cost of a minibus
£15,000             Little Sisters of the Poor To continue major refurb of home
£5,000               Jersey Association of Cancer Nurses To host a conference
£8,660               Jersey Heritage Trust To produce 'The Annual' for schools
£7,318               Jersey Heritage Trust Towards an 'Ice Age' exhibition
£12,000             Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR) Half cost of office manager's salary
£18,720             Caring Cooks of Jersey Admin salary for one year
£30,000             Brighter Futures To deliver 'Growing Together' project
£30,000             St John Ambulance New Ambulance
£30,000             Good Companions Club Replacement minibus
£25,560             NCT Jersey Ante Natal Training
£12,500             St Peter's School PTA Half cost of a minibus
£20,000             Jersey Employment Trust Second hand truck
£30,000             Jersey Arts Centre Theatre in Education project

Awarded 10/03/2015
Awarded          Detail
£30,000             Jersey Child Care Trust Special needs project
£30,000             Les Amis Convert a garage into a bedroom
£30,000             NSPCC Two midwives salaries
£30,000             Headway Jersey OT salary and minibus running costs
£5,460.72          The Bailiwick of Jersey RAYNET Group For equipment
£30,000             Jersey Youth Trust Youth worker salaries
£20,000             National Trust for Jersey A new truck
£1,600               Triumph Over Phobia Send two to a conference
£14,500             Jersey Dyslexia Association Admin assistant salary for one year
£15,018             Brook in Jersey Increase in staff hours, resources & training
£29,868.48        The Shelter Trust Refurb of Aztec House