Tuesday 4th April 2017 5.15pm to 6.15pm JET Training Rooms, Kensington Place.

Great Goal setting/Appraisal techniques: Performance appraisals can be a valuable part of an effective staff management process and can add to the successful development of the organisation as a whole. When done correctly, appraisals offer managers an opportunity to; give positive feedback to employees; become more acutely aware of their team’s personal skills and goals; manage on a more bespoke level; encouraging employees to improve their daily performance and ultimately that of the organisation. Successful regular appraisals also make employees aware of the organisations longer term goals and provide a chance to review, assess, de-brief and generally develop the skills and confidence of the person being appraised. However, the process often isn’t as valuable or effective as it could be, because appraisals tend to focus too heavily on procedures and not on people and the manager conducting the appraisal is often not trained, experienced or close enough to the person being appraised for the appraisal to have any real value. Appraisals then risk becoming a ‘tick box’ exercise that can cause anxiety, with the information gained often forgotten until the next scheduled appraisal. So if you’d like to know more about what will make you a first-rate appraiser, what the of value one-to-one reviews are and the best ways to conduct them, then this one hour introduction is for you. Bill is also available for ‘in house’ introductory sessions on Performance Management.

With Bill Treweek of Arclight Solutions

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