Use the form below to apply to become a member of the Association. When you're happy with the form click on the 'Submit Form' button. This will send a copy to us and a copy to the email address you provide in the form. You will then need to print this email out, sign it and send it to us with any required documents - DO NOT PRINT THE SCREEN, WAIT FOR THE EMAIL AFTER SUBMITTING THE FORM.


Please use the box below to enter the names, position held and duration of office for all current officers in your organisation.

Your application cannot be considered unless a copy of the Letter of Exemption is provided with the printed copy of this form.

NPO numbers are issued by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

Use the box below to submit a short written summary of your organisation and why it is seeking membership of the Association of Jersey Charities.

Your application cannot be considered without a letter of confirmation from your parent UK organisation.


When returning this form please enclose:

1. A copy of your organisation’s written constitution;

2. A copy of your organisation’s latest financial accounts;

3. A copy of the letter from the Comptroller of Income Tax confirming that your organisation qualifies as a charity under the Income Tax Law;

4. A copy of your NPO (Jersey) Law 2008 letter; and

5. List of current members if required.

Any information the Association holds on a member is held in accordance with the requirements of the Jersey Data Protection Law.

When you are happy that the contents of this form are accurate you should click on the 'Submit Form' button below. This will send us an electronic copy of your information. It will also send a copy to the email address that you have provided in the email box above.

You will then need to print this email out, sign and date in the boxes provided and compile the other documents needed before sending the complete application to us at P.O. Box 356, St Helier JE4 9YZ. Your application can't be processed until we receive the printed version in the post.