The Jersey Disability Partnership (JDP) has now been established as a separate charity (AJC No 470). It was formerly a sub-committee of the Jersey Voluntary and Community Sector Ltd (JVCS), which is now winding up. Its objectives are to build partnerships and capacity on disability issues within the Voluntary and Community Sector and with Government departments. It also aims to raise public, government and corporate awareness about disability, with a view to influencing policies and perceptions, in order to improve the services to those with disability and to better meet their needs. The recent publication of the Jersey Disability Strategy is just one of the many improvements it has worked towards, but there is much more to do. The JDP needs a new Secretary and a Treasurer to work with the Honorary Chairman, Jim Hopley. Both are honorary positions, but neither is very time consuming. If you are interested in helping with one of these positions please contact John Pinel on 853969. Mobile 077977 10409 or by email at; Or you can contact Jim Hopley on 077977 41634 or by email at;