Jersey's New Charities Law: Thursday 14th December 2017 1.15pm to 4.30 pm, JET Oakfield Conference Room, with Jane Galloway of Contact to book.

The Jersey Charity law is now in place, which will provide a clearer definition of what actually constitutes a charity, and defining ‘public benefit’, which will have a big impact on some local organisations, such as sports clubs, allowing them the possibility of registering and benefitting from tax benefits on donations.
The charity commissioner has now been appointed and a central register is about to be introduced to oversee the new law, which will also set out rules for the duties of governors/trustees and place restrictions on the use of the terms "charity" and "charitable".

Jersey's new charities law is based on the Scottish charity law, so we will look briefly at the principles outlined in the new law, which according to Liz Le Poidevin (chairman of the AJC) is “primarily intended to help protect public trust and confidence without placing an unnecessary financial or bureaucratic burden on charities or on the public purse."