Tuesday 12th September 2017 1.15pm to 4.30pm, JET, Kensington Place. Please contact the administrator to book your place.

This workshop will introduce you to the key fundraising principles connected to Legacy and In Memorial funding. In an ever increasingly competitive funding marketplace, legacy and in memorial income should not be ignored. Getting the fundraising basics right, will allow you to overcome the barriers to legacy promotion and widen your appeal to potential donors.

We will look at how to get your legacy and in memorial campaign up and running, how to market it appropriately and how to write up a strategic Legacy fundraising plan.

• Understanding the motivation of your target audience
• Getting legacies on to the fundraising agenda
• Engaging and building relationships with donors/supporters
• Promoting your legacy and in memorial campaign

With Jane Galloway of http://arclightsolutions.co.uk/

This training is free for AJC members.