If Jersey charities receive a single lump sum donation of £50 or more from a Jersey resident, you are elligible to claim back 20%.

The Income Tax Office produces a booklet entitled Lump Sum Donations to Charity which explains how the scheme operates. Copies are also available from the Help Desk at Cyril Le Marquand House, the Parade, St Helier.

To recieve the 20% tax back:

  • the donation must be more than £50 but not exceed £500,000 (maximum in one calendar year)
  • the donor must be resident in Jersey and should not be a partnership
  • the scheme only operates for charities exempted under Article 115(a) i.e. only charities established in Jersey
  • the donor must pay in income tax on his income at least the amount that is deducted from the donation otherwise there is no advantage to be gained

For more information call 01534 440300.