Wednesday 13th September 2017 9.30pm to 1.00pm, JET, Kensington Place. Please contact the administrator to book your place.

This course is an ideal introduction to the basic principles of marketing, whether large or small, it will help you to explore the best marketing methods for your organisation, product or service. It is aimed specifically at the not for profit sector, giving you an overview of the different marketing methods (traditional and online) that can be used to promote your organisation in a cost effect manner.
It will appeal to novice marketers as well as experienced managers who are looking for a refresher and inspiration for new marketing ideas. It will also be relevant for managers and trustees who have an overall responsibility for raising the profile of their organisation.
In this workshop we will review the basic principles of marketing, to understand why people buy, the purchasing cycle, product life cycles, how to develop your own marketing strategy and how to write a robust and practical marketing plan. We will also look at how to undertake effective market research, on a shoe string budget that will help you segment your market, understand your competition and indentify new potential customers/clients.
We will also look in more detail at the different marketing methods you can use to recruit members, supporters and donors, as well as looking at:
 Why people buy, the purchasing cycle and Product life cycles
 Market research and how to Segment your market
 The Competition
 Becoming a brand leader
 Developing a marketing strategy and writing the plan
 Budgets and Sales forecasting
 The Marketing Mix
You will discover what marketing tools and techniques will be the most appropriate for your organisation, gaining an insight into effective sales techniques and understanding why people buy into your cause, how you can build brand identity and customer loyalty.

With Jane Galloway of

This training is free for AJC members.