Wednesday 5th April 2017 1.15pm to 4.30pm JET Training Rooms, Kensington Place.

Major Donor Fundraising: This course is aimed at any organisation that is considering developing a major donor fundraising programme. It will benefit fundraisers, trustees or volunteers in your organisation who have been tasked with the responsibility for identifying, securing and retaining wealthy individuals as donors.

We will look at how to identify suitable high net worth individuals, how to build rapport, make face-to-face approaches and ask confidently, whilst developing strong, longer term relationships.

Securing this longer term, major donor income, starts with the development of your major donor strategy and defining your ‘Case for Support’ so you can deliver powerful messages about your charity that get people to say ‘yes!’

Its also about understanding your donors motivations, aspirations and interests of both the established wealthy and the ‘new rich‘ and how you need to tailor individual fundraising propositions to ensure that they retain your major donors, whilst also gaining longer term commitment to ensure that the size and frequency of gifts increase.

With Jane Galloway of Arclight Solutions

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