Jersey Trees for Life

Membership Number: AJC135

Jersey Trees for Life is the only charity entirely devoted to protecting the Island's trees and woodlands. Their work includes woodland restoration and the planting of many thousands of trees each year in woods, copses and hedgerows. Trees for Life have created several new community woodlands and often work closely with other conservation groups to aid the survival of threatened local species. Whilst also continuing to campaign and lobby for preservation orders on trees in peril and running a busy community environmental education programme. Trees for Life rely on membership for funding, campaign support and practical help.
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Volunteer Role:

Jersey Trees for Life rely on volunteers to plant trees, cut back summer vegetation, and establish new habitats for wildlife. Volunteers are often also needed to man exhibits at local events and help with fundraising activities. The team would also be grateful for volunteers who could help with membership administration and the website.

Volunteers Commitment:

Frances Le Sueur Centre
La Mielle de Morville
St Ouen

t: 01534 857611
f: FB @jerseytreesforlife

Arboricultural Officer: Mr Conrad Evans

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