Association of Jersey Charities - Minutes of the 42nd Annual General Meeting held 11th July 2013 at The Royal Yacht Hotel




Liz Le Poidevin (Chairman)
Christopher Renouf (Deputy Chairman)
Phillip Callow (Honorary Treasurer)
Simon Larbalestier (Honorary Secretary)
Helen Davies (Applications Review Officer)
Lynsey Malllinson (Publicity Officer)

David Newman (Training Officer)

In attendance:
Lyn Wilton (Administrator)
Sir Stuart Etherington (Speaker)

Members, and guests following the completion of the formal AGM

1 Welcome and Apologies:
The Chairman welcomed members to the AGM.  Apologies were received from a number of members a list of which is available on request

2 Minutes of the Previous Meeting:
The minutes of the 41th AGM held on 21st June 2012 were proposed by Jean Le Maistre, seconded by Nicola Cooper and signed off by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting

3 To Receive the Annual Report from the Chairman:
The Chairman read the report to Members (available on request)

4 To Receive the Annual Report and Accounts from the Treasurer for Year Ending 31.03.2013
A copy of the full report and accounts for the year ended 31 March 2013 was presented to the members and the treasurer, Phillip Callow, gave a verbal presentation summarising the Association's income, expenditure and balance sheet position. The Treasurer asked for the accounts to be adopted and they were unanimously accepted by the membership, as follows:
Proposer to accept accounts: David Capps
Seconder: Jon Hackwood
Approved by a show of hands.

5 To Appoint Bracken Rothwell as auditors for the year
Proposed: Edward Trevor
Seconded: Nicola Bennett
Agreed by a show of hands

6 Election of Officers:
After three years in their respective posts, both the present Chairman, Liz Le Poidevin and Chris Renouf as deputy Chairman are retiring. The committee presented the proposed committee structure. At this juncture Edward Trevor suggested that we could vote for the committee ‘en masse’ if there were no objections by the members. This proposal was seconded by David Capps and agreed by a show of hands.

The committee was voted in as follows:

Phillip Callow                Chairman

Liz Le Poidevin              Deputy Chairman

Hannah Williams            Treasurer

Simon Larbalestier         Honorary Secretary

Lynsey Mallinson           Publicity Officer

Helen Davies                 Applications Review Officer

David Newman              Training and events co-ordinator

Hugh Munro                  Committee Officer

Stephanie Duke             Committee Officer

7 To expel 6 members for non payment of subscription

7.1       Jersey Lifesavers Association – 2 years non payment of subs

7.2       Jersey ME/DFS/MCS Society – 2 years non payment of subs

7.3       Les Petites Copains – 2 years non payment of subs

7.4       Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes – 2 years non payment of subs

7.5     Sailaway – 2 years non payment of subs

7.6       Scope – 2 years non payment of subs

Termination was proposed by Ruth Smith and seconded by Peter Colback and the motion was carried

8 Any Other Business
Melanie Drummond and Darren Scott reminded those present that the lottery funds provide the basis for charitable funding within the AJC and presented a poster detailing the breakdown.

ELP asked the Membership if anyone would like to comment about the committee’s work.

Colin Taylor - Caring Hands

Caring Hands had no experience in charity matters and without the committee’s and Lyn’s help, would have failed to do what they have done for the community. Colin Taylor gave his sincere thanks to the committee and to Lyn specifically.

Deputy Sarah Ferguson:

What is the association’s contribution to the charity law?

ELP referred her to her chairman’s report.

Ruth Smith - JDA

Received 5K put on training course for 180 teachers, 24 schools. Ruth thanked the committee but pointed out that the form was slightly difficult in that some questions were ambiguous and the language complex. Could the committee make the form more accessible in the future. This was supported by the Brain Tumour Charity.

HD is aware that there are some issues however, there will shortly be a training session "Plan to succeed", which will focus on explaining areas of ambiguity.

Jon Hackwood

When asking questions concerning the proposed Charity law, should the membership approach the AJC?

ELP: member charities can go to the chief minister’s office directly or ask questions via the AJC.

Nicola Bennett

At the last AGM there was vigorous debate concerning extra grants. Lots of different approaches were presented however, it appears to have become parked. Was there any further thought, or resolution?

ELP reiterated following a review of the previous minutes that any grant is subject to need rather than simply handing money out and asked whether this should be put to an EGM.

Nicola Bennett’s response:

The next AGM would be fine to consider this apparent issue however, it is likely that the outcome will be similar. She also stated that any change to the M & A that this may propose would require Membership and Royal Court approval but would only have to go the government office of the Royal Court, not involve a lawyer therefore it would be inexpensive.

Jon Hackwood

Re changes in constitution, is there a sample M&A etc. that could be used for the Membership?

ELP: Jim from JVCP will deal with this.

Danny Wright – Government House

Danny reminded the Membership that there is a “Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service” group honour which is the equivalent to an MBE.

The website below holds all the details and Danny recommended, with the committee’s support, that the Membership should view the criteria to see if they feel anyone locally is eligible:

Liz Le Poidevin introduced Sir Stuart Etherington - Copy of his presentation available on request

On completion, ELP thanked Sir Stuart for his speech on behalf of the AJC and adjourned for refreshments

The next meeting of officers will be held on Tuesday 10th September 2013 at the RBC Offices, Colomberie, St Helier

Signed Chairman..............................................................................