National Trust for Jersey - Pruning & Grafting Apple Trees

National Trust for Jersey - Pruning & Grafting Apple Trees

25 February 2017 09:30

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Pruning and Grafting Apple Trees
Saturday 25 February

Did you know that every full sized apple tree is made from two different trees?

The National Trust of Jersey is getting together with Vincent Obbard, from Samares Manor on Saturday 25th February to stage a workshop about the art and science of grafting and pruning apple trees in the beautiful surroundings of Samares Manor.

Grafting trees involves combining a bottom rootstock of one tree to the scion, or budding branch, of another tree to make a successful fruit tree. Apple trees are often considered the best starting place for learning to graft trees. Apple seeds, once planted, don’t produce fruit that is identical to the apple they came from so grafting allows you to reproduce the apples of our choice.

For those that have a small orchard, or just one or two fruit trees growing in pots enjoy a morning of practical information and hands-on learning.

Time  9.30 to 12.30
15 pounds Trust Members - 20 pounds Non Members. With morning coffee on arrival
Booking essential please go to
All proceeds go to the National Trust for Jersey.

You will receive a rootstock and a scion to graft and take home for planting