We have arranged further Safeguarding training. Please be aware that even if you only deal with ADULTS AT RISK or CHILDREN AT RISK, it is often the case that your staff/volunteers will encounter the other AT RISK group through their work, so it could be that individual training in both areas is appropriate.

Safeguarding is everyone’s business and we can only play our part in safeguarding others if we have the right knowledge and skills. Although the membership of the Association of Jersey Charities is very varied, we all have one thing in common … we see people in our daily lives and people sometimes need our help. No matter if people are younger or older, no matter what brings you together, there may be a time when things aren’t right, when someone else needs you to safeguard them. Our community needs as many people to undertake the Foundation Safeguarding Training so that we all know what to do if something isn’t right. This is so important for us as charities, as we can often be working incredibly closely with the community at times of great need.

If you have not completed this training then please book on to one of the appropriate sessions, remembering that both, Adult and Children, may be appropriate. If you have 10+ staff/volunteers to train then I can arrange in-house training. If you have a lot of staff/volunteers generally then it is worth considering Train the Trainer training, which the Safeguarding Board can arrange.

This training has been arranged to ensure that those people who work during the day have an option to complete this training.

All training to be held at JET, Kensington Place or JET, Oakfield Building, Highlands College training rooms.

  • Safeguarding ADULTS with Mary Curtis. Wednesday 6th September 2017 5.15 to 8.00 JET Kensington Place
  • Safeguarding CHILDREN with Mary Curtis. Thursday 7th September 2017 9.30 to 12.30 JET Kensington Place
  • Safeguarding CHILDREN with Mary Curtis. Thursday 28th September 2017 5.15 to 8.00 JET, Kensington Place
  • Safeguarding ADULTS with Mary Curtis. Thursday 12th October 2017 9.30 to 12.30 JET, Oakfield Building Room 3

Please contact the administrator to book your place. This training is free for AJC members.

If you would like in-house training and you have at least 10 staff/volunteers then please contact the administrator to arrange this.